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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions


Where is the location of the store?
We are an online based store, there is no physical store.

How can I pay?
Payment for current stock is cash upon delivery/pick up. 
Payment for Special requests are paid through PayPal in advance.

I can’t find the book I saw a while back in your website...
If a book completely taken out, it will most likely not be restocked again. 
But worry not! You can always opt for Special Request!

Do you have Arabic books?
No, we currently only provide English books.

Do you have secondhand/preloved books?
Yes! Check out our Preloved Collection here! 

Do you have Children books?
Yes! You can find our Children Books here!


Do you ship to my country?
We are currently only based in Qatar.

When will my order arrive?
Depending on delivery schedule, orders are delivered within 7 days.

Can I have my order delivered the same day?
Same day delivery will cost QR50 extra (excluding initial delivery charge).

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery starts at QR 10 within Doha and QR 20 to QR 50 on other locations
around Qatar.

Can I pick up my order?
Pick-up option is currently available at specific time slots.


What is a Special Request?
If you don’t find the book you want in our current stock you can contact us via
Special Requests and we can order it for you!

How can I pay for Special Request?
Payment is made ahead with PayPal Only.

When will I get my requested order?
Special request books can take 4-8 weeks to arrive. 

Can I refund my requested order?
Refund is not permitted unless the book exceeded 8 weeks arrival.


Can I write something for your blog?
Of course you can! Simply contact us via
email or click here and you will receive all the
necessary details there!

What can I write in your blog?

  •  Book review (does not have to be a positive one)

  •  Tips, tricks and advise!

  •  Book recommendations

  •  Articles

  •  Opinions/theories 

  •  Short Stories

  • As long as it’s relevant and is written by you!

Is it paid or will I be paid?
No payment required on both ends. Just blog that brings the book community


Shelfie is a book membership that provides 15% off all books and items for a
whole year!

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