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Meet the author: Abdulla Fakhroo

Meet the author written by: Bookshelf Qatar team

Instagram: @abdulladf94

Meet Abdulla Fakhroo, a Qatari screenwriter, filmmaker, a documentary director, and a novelist by the age of 27. Abdulla Fakhroo holds a bachelor’s degree of Arts and Sciences in the College of Media (Radio and Television) from Qatar University, and managed to successfully publish his very first fictional work under the title of “The Human Masks” in 2011.

His novels are written in Arabic language and is often sold in most local bookstores in Qatar. He has written 9 novels and short stories in total, and his latest novel entitled as “Hajra Waraqtan Maqass” which translates to “Rock, Two Papers, Scissors” was published in 2020.

Abdulla Fakhroo had also contributed to a number of documentaries as a main director such as Photo Clicks, Phobia, and Fractured, among other documentaries where he took a role as an assistant director and visual producer.

Now we would like to leave you with a short description on his latest novel Hajra Warqatan Maqass that has been translated to English, followed with the original description in Arabic and a list in Arabic for all his nine-writing/fictional work.

Hajraa Warqtaan Maqass (Rock, two papers, scissors)

The novel takes place in a mysterious and suspense context. Seven characters receive a message from a mysterious application on their phones entitled "Do you dare to play?" With each task, a new sum of money is earned. After completing the required tasks, they receive an invitation letter to attend dinner at the game’s owner’s palace, and the mysterious events begin to escalate and take them to a new journey that has been assigned to them. Suddenly one of the contestants with them pass away, and a new message arrives that the rewards of the dead contestant will be divided among the remaining 6 contestants. Through this conversation, they became certain that they were victims of a deadly game and nothing but a toy that would cure the madness of the owner of the game.

نبذة عن رواية حجرة ورقتان مقص

الرواية احداثها في إطار الغموض والتشويق، سبع شخصيات تصلهم رسالة معينه من تطبيق غامض على هواتفهم بعنوان "هل تجرؤ على اللعب؟" ومع كل مهمة يتم ربح مبلغ مالي جديد. وبعد الانتهاء من المهام المطلوبة تصلهم رسالة دعوة لحضور عشاء في قصر صاحب اللعبة وتبدأ الأحداث الغامضة تتصاعد على متن القطار المخصص لهم. فجأة يحتضر أحد المتسابقين معهم وتصلهم رسالة جديدة بأن مكافآت المتسابق الميت سيتم تقسيمها على بقية المتسابقين الستة. ومن خلال هذا الحديث، تيقنوا بأنهم ضحايا لعبة مميتة ودمى تشفع جنون صاحب اللعبة.

مؤلفات أدبية للكاتب و الؤلف عبدالله فخرو:

- اقنعة البشر (٢٠١١)

- علمتني الامل (٢٠١٢)

- امبراطورية فاء الصادرة عن دار بلاتينيوم بوك (٢٠١٣)

- دموع تتلاشى في الظلام الصادرة عن دار بلاتينيوم بوك (٢٠١٤)

- رواية وفيت بوعدي الصادرة عن دار افاق (٢٠١٥)

- رواية ولمّا تلاقينا الصادرة عن دار بلاتينيوم بوك (٢٠١٦)

- رواية يبليك ربي الصادرة عن دار دريم بوك ( ٢٠١٧)

- رواية متلازمة القلب المنكسر الصادرة عن دار روزا للنشر (٢٠١٨)

- رواية حجرة ورقتان مقص الصادرة عن دار شغف للنشر (٢٠٢٠)

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