Meet the author: Kummam Al Maadeed

Meet Kummam Al-Maadeed, a Qatari novelist, specializing in fantasy novels written in English. She holds a Master of Business Administration (2018) and a Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising (2011) from Qatar University. She has worked in several governmental and semi-governmental institutions in Qatar, such as the Doha Film Institute, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the Qatar National Library and is currently the Head of Media and Publications at Qatar University. Kummam started writing novels in 2007 as a hobby, then began her writing career with a blog specializing in film criticism. Then Kummam focused her literary work on her first published novel, “The Lost Rose,” which she self-published in 2016 and then was translated to Arabic in 2018. In 2019 she published two books, “Calling Magic” a fantasy novel, part of a duology and “Sparks of Imagination”, a collection of flash fiction and one short story.

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The Lost Rose

Book Genre: Romance Fantasy

Book Audience: Young Adults & Fantasy Fans

Number of Pages: 340

Goodreads Rate: 3.61

Story Brief:

Clara has a terrible secret, a sin she won’t reveal, not even to Luca, the man who rescues her from the lake where she’s thrown herself, hoping death would silence her pain. While Luca nurses Clara to health and tries to gain her trust, mutiny is brewing in Tharun, their neighboring kingdom. When news of this reaches Luca, he and Clara travel together to stay out of danger. But little do they know that the usurper, Adrian, an evil sorcerer who is determined to magically enslave Clara into marriage, is already on their heels. Clara’s sin catches up with her as she and Luca meet the magical Wanderers who reveal her secret. As they stand in the middle of a battle against Adrian, can Luca forgive Clara’s sin and stay true to his promise of keeping her safe? Will Clara’s own magic and determination prove enough to repel Adrian’s sorcery? And even with the help of unexpected allies, will the couple be able to save the kingdom they have lost to darkness?

Additional Information: The book includes more than 20 illustrations inside the book that was made by illustrator Jowhara Mohammed, who designed the cover as well.

Calling Magic

Book Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Steampunk

Book Audience: Young Adults & Fantasy Fans

Number of Pages: 340

Goodreads Rate: 4.39

Story Brief:

Tia, the most powerful witch of her time, leaves her position at the Court of Wizards and, with a scarf hiding her purple locks, passes through the ancient walls of Paiza. As an assistant to the court magician, Tia spends her days brewing trickster potions, gossiping with Anna and navigating her way through the inventions and mechanics of Paiza and, most importantly, hiding her identity. Tia’s dream of a calm, simple life starts to become a reality, until the day she meets Rhein, the King of Paiza, with his captivating gray eyes and cherished pocket watch, and the whispers of war reach her. Will Tia be forced to reveal her true identity in order to protect her new home? Or will her power erupt and shatter her life once more? After the success of her first novel, The Lost Rose, Kummam returns with a new enchanting tale of magic and adventure. Calling Magic is a perfect mashup of genres, following the young witch’s quest for a better life in the inventive city of Paiza. Don’t be surprised if the pages melt away in your hands and you find yourself dreaming of the magical streets of Paiza.

Additional Information: The Cover and the chapter headings are designed by Qatari illustrator Fatima Al-Misned.

Sparks of Imagination

Book Genre: Collection of Flash Fiction

Book Audience: Young Adults & Fantasy Fans \ Aspiring writers

Number of Pages: 82

Goodreads Rate: 4.14

Story Brief:

The book includes 12 pieces of flash fiction and one short story about becoming a Vampire in Qatar. Each story is ended with a writing tips to enrich the reader’s experience. The idea of this book is to shed light on how stories are born through an idea or what Kummam calls, a spark. It aims to inspire readers and aspiring writers to find their sparks.

Additional Information: The Cover is designed by Qatari artist Abeer Al-Kubaisi

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