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The wizard who lived in the muggle world by Khadija Mo

Short story written by Khadija Mo.

Once upon a time, in a small wizardry school existed a wizard-to-be named, Lula-Mae. She was shy and a bit socially awkward. Mind you, this school was no Hogwarts nor anywhere close to it, it was just… ordinary or at least that’s what Lula-Mae always thought. She spent her free-time in the library, it was full of books… which were out-dated. Nevertheless, Lula-Mae always went there, with a hope to find a book that she never touched before. One day, while browsing the books’ section, her eyes caught a glimpse of a book, that was not there before. Using her magical powers, which she learnt in her classes, she tried to hold the book, but… failed. Then, she did it the muggle-way. She held the book, “where did you come from?” – the book answered back “well, I’ve always lived here.” – she opened the first page, and she was simply not ready for what she was about to read… the book was written by a wizard who studied from this school and she signed the book. The wizard’s name was Rose en Verre and she was working at the school now as the head of Teleport and Wizard-Muggle relations. Lula-Mae could not believe it! A book by a wizard from this school! She thought of the wizard’s unique name.. Rose en Verre… she must’ve earned that title somehow. She borrowed the book from the library.

The book was written using an ink called simply “Magic” – It’s an aged yet very powerful ink, and only a few can master it. For Lula-Mae, Rose en Verre was one of those who mastered it. After finishing reading the book, Lula-Mae searched the ‘Wizard Mailing List’ to check if she can find Rose en Verre there and she did.

She waited for a new book, for a new story and for a new chance to remind herself that this place is not ordinary.

Then, the day came, Rose en Verre, announced a new book and she herself will come to the library to sign it. At the announced time of the book-signing, Lula-Mae had a magical class or what she liked to call useless class, without even a second thought, she went to the library. She bought the book from the tiny-market that was inside the library. There, she met her friend, wizard-to-be Nabalish, who was a total sweetheart. They sat next to each other, and the moment arrived… Rose en Verre arrived. She talked about her book and in the end asked if anyone wanted to ask a question, Lula-Mae raised her wand to ask, and she immediately regretted doing that, but it was too late, the mic saw her and was coming towards her. The mic was every shy wizard’s biggest fear, but Nabalish was there and she gently held it for her beloved shy friend. Before leaving the library, they went to Rose en Verre and asked her to sign their books. Rose en Verre, was sweet, kind and what was most interesting for Lula-Mae was the fact, that she held a pen in her hand instead of a wand. A pen is more powerful and magical than the wand, that’s what Lula-Mae thought to herself. Did LulaMae regret skipping her class for this? No. Will Lula-Mae ever skip class again for this? Yes.

A few months passed, a new telegram arrived. Another book! “YES!” – Lula-Mae may or may not have screamed… internally. However, this time the book can only be found at the Grand Hall of Wizardry Books – a place she never went before. Then, something magical happened, Nabalish told her that she knows someone who is going there and she is more than welcome to come along. Lula-Mae had no idea who casted that magical spell, or was it pure luck. Either way, she was happy and set to go the Grand Hall of Wizardry Books. Lula-Mae’s friends for this journey where three wizards-to-be: Maya, Yaz and another wizard whose name she have forgotten or perhaps never knew. They went there using the train, and no it is not close to the train to Hogwarts. Once they reached there, Lula-Mae saw: lots of wizards, muggles and books. Perhaps, for the first time in a long while, she wasn’t… scared. The muggles were not scary, nor the other unknown wizards. Something magical was happening, that was strange but… beautiful. Maya and Lula-Mae searched for the book everywhere, oh and the Grand Hall of Wizardry Books had one strict rule: no usage of any magical power. So, they had to do it the muggle-way. They asked people around and searched, searched and searched. By then, Lula-Mae was disappointed, but Maya was like “no, we will find it. It must be somewhere close.” And you guessed it, it indeed was. Lula-Mae bought it… and other books too, she simply followed the unspoken rule, whenever you enter a room full of books, never leave without two or more in your bag.

Somehow a book that was somewhere in a library, made someone say more yes, make new friends, believe a little more in possibilities and of course skip a class… or more.

Rose en Verre’s books are still in libraries, waiting to be chosen and to unleash some magical spells on those who read it. You could be next.

Her books are also available for the muggle-world and she goes by Kummam in the muggle world.

Kummam’s books:

1. The Lost Rose

Clara has a terrible secret, a sin she won’t reveal, not even to Luca, the man who rescues her from the lake where she’s thrown herself, hoping death would silence her pain. While Luca nurses Clara to health and tries to gain her trust, mutiny is brewing in Tharun, their neighboring kingdom. When news of this reaches Luca, he and Clara travel together to stay out of danger. But little do they know that the usurper, Adrian, an evil sorcerer who is determined to magically enslave Clara into marriage, is already on their heels. Clara’s sin catches up with her as she and Luca meet the magical Wanderers who reveal her secret. As they stand in the middle of a battle against Adrian, can Luca forgive Clara’s sin and stay true to his promise of keeping her safe? Will Clara’s own magic and determination prove enough to repel Adrian’s sorcery? And even with the help of unexpected allies, will the couple be able to save the kingdom they have lost to darkness?

2. Calling Magic

Tia, the most powerful witch of her time, leaves her position at the Court of Wizards and, with a scarf hiding her purple locks, passes through the ancient walls of Paiza. As an assistant to the court magician, Tia spends her days brewing trickster potions, gossiping with Anna and navigating her way through the inventions and mechanics of Paiza and, most importantly, hiding her identity.Tia’s dream of a calm, simple life starts to become a reality, until the day she meets Rhein, the King of Paiza, with his captivating gray eyes and cherished pocket watch, and the whispers of war reach her. Will Tia be forced to reveal her true identity in order to protect her new home? Or will her power erupt and shatter her life once more?

3. Sparks of Imagination

A collection of flash fictions [including an advice in the end of each], and one short story.


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Written and photographed by: Khadija Mo

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